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Must See Places in and around Kona

Kailua Pier and Beach
This area in Kona is better known as the starting point of the famous Ironman Race, held yearly, usually in October. It is right in downtown Kona, this small beach area is a favorite of kids. The water is usually warm and calm. The area is right smack in the midst of shops, places to eat and the hub-bub of town. Sit on the sea wall and dangle your feet, or give your toes a dip!

Ahuena Heiau
Picturesque and a slice of history you will see no place else. Be sure to visit this site while in Kona, as you walk through Kailua Village. It is one of the most important historical sites in Hawaii. It's the place from which King Kamehameha I ruled his united Hawaiian nation. This sacred ground is also where he died on May 8, 1819. At the Heiau is a small sandy beach (other side of Kailua Pier,) beside the King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel.

Located a couple of miles upslope from Kona. Visiting Holualoa is like taking a step back in time, there are little local shops and a lot of Art Studios and Art Galleries where you'll find original art, locally created ceramics, photography, everything reasonably priced. There are also lovely homegrown vegetables available. You can visit many Coffee Farms who sell their own unique coffee.

Place of Refuge at Honaunau
Pu'uhonua 'O Honaunau served as a sacred sanctuary that provided protection for defeated warriors and "Kapu" breakers who fled there to be pardoned by the priests. If a "Kapu" breaker could climb over the massive wall, unaided, then he could be forgiven and, after a period of time, go back out into the community, unharmed. Located about 20 miles south of Kona, it is a very enjoyable scenic drive.

Place of Refuge , Continued,
You'll be glad you visited. If you're into snorkeling, take your gear, or simply go swimming in the protected bay beside the park. Also called "City of Refuge." This massive stone wall was built of hardened lava that was carved from the nearby lava flow. Each stone is very heavy and one wonders how the builders were able to create such a structure about 1500 years
ago, using stone age tools, as no metal instruments existed at that time.




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